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Many of us grew up with a newspaper delivered to our doorstep at dawn every day of the week. (Some still have these, so I’ll use present tense here). In our newspaper, we can read the articles the editor selected to include in that day’s edition. Most newspapers are divided into sections: world news, local news, business, sports, entertainment, weather, classified, etc. The editor chose the content for all of it.

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My View of “Likes” and “Follows”

Everyone has their own reason for liking or following people, businesses, causes or whatever in social media. What I encourage you to understand is that not all ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ are equal.Facebook Like Twitter Follow

Having someone ‘like’ a page doesn’t always mean they really like it in their heart. In other word, a ‘like’ isn’t an equivalent to an endorsement. For example, during the elections, I chose to ‘like’ many candidates, even though I didn’t necessarily prefer them or vote for them. Liking their page puts their posts on my news feed or Tweets page while I determined how I would vote. Continue reading

A Bit About Previous Accomplishments

The last chapter of my life had me owning & running a camping resort in rural Kansas. During that time, I single-handedly created and managed the social media for the RV park, and through November 2011:

  • Facebook page grew to over 500 followers (for a small overnight RV park in rural Kansas, that is downright surprising)
  • Twitter followers grew to over 1,400 (again, amazing for a business of its size, type and location)
  • WordPress recently achieved 80 readers per post-day
  • In addition to GuestRated, Flickr, FourSquare GoWalla, and more.

Other accomplishments include having earned respect and achieved election to:

  • President, Kansas Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds
  • Second Vice Chairman, National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Travel Industry Association of Kansas
  • Hired as Executive Director, Kansas Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (a position she filled until the association, through her recommendation, eliminated it).

Other accomplishments include having earned respect and achieved election to:

  • ARVC Stan Martin Memorial Award, 2009 (highest recognition in its industry)
  • ARVC Chairman’s Award 2008 “for her unwavering dedication to our industry’s Success”
  • WeKan Award 2007 “Great Booster for RVers and Campgrounds”
  • Lifetime status as a Certified Park Operator

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