INTRODUCTIONS – Who Is MMCC, Inc., and What Can It Do It For You?

I would say one of the challenges of being a consultant is defining what I do, since I might do one type of task for one client and yet a thoroughly different type of task for another client.

These three videos will further clarify what it is MMCC, Inc. does for clients.

This provides a generic overview:

This one focuses on my work with associations and non-profit organizations:

I shouldn’t, but I have to add a P.S. to this:  I tell clients to create YouTube videos for promoting their businesses, and I’ve created some for clients. I’m not fond of being recorded, but it was time I took my own medicine, and look at me … I survived!

These were all made in my office, using my laptop. I don’t follow scripts when I speak, choosing instead to have only a basic outline. After all, life and business are not Hollywood productions!


Thank you for sharing your time with me! Please feel free to leave comments, or share or ‘like’ this with your connections.

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