More About Emergencies And Your Business

The best time to prepare for an emergency is during a calm day before emergencies arise. Consider having a plan in place and your employees trained for all types of emergencies, such as:

Electrical Outage
Severe Weather
When Power is Restored
Wind Storm
Property Damage
Fire (Structural / Brush)
Natural Gas or LP Leak
Law Violators
Area Evacuation
Mandatory Lock-Down (per law enforcement notification)
Ice Storm
Stray Animals
Lost Pets
Loss of Water Pressure
Contamination of Fresh Water
Chlorinator Malfunction
Clogged Sewer
Personal Injury – Employee or Owner
Personal Injury – Non-Employee
Death – Non-Employee
Death – Employee or Owner

In brown font below, I’m providing a sample page from a document I wrote for my RV park. Your plan can be as simple as this checklist, or quite elaborate, so long as you make it easy to find and easy to follow during not-so-calm conditions. Keep it brief! Training is to explain ramifications and outline the “if this then that” situations, while this list needs to simply remind them of their training.

EMERGENCY … Severe Weather

Be Prepared
Remain Calm
Look Professional
Act Professional

Our traveling guests are not familiar with our local weather. Too, all storms always seem far worse from inside an RV. And all RVers fear hail damage. Remain calm and reassuring.

When an electrical storm begins to brew:

  • Make sure employees have their radios operating.
  • Turn off the copier and unplug it.
  • Turn off the PC & unplug the entire surge protector.
  • Prepare to distribute flashlights and batteries (in the emergency cupboard).
  • Make sure the propane station is properly secured.
  • Consider whether to secure the dumpster lids.
  • Ensure the weather radio has batteries, and it’s operating (in the emergency cupboard).
  • Monitor the storm on TV or laptop so staff is prepared for the developing conditions.
  • If the power goes out, report it to the power company (information is by the phone).

The well cannot refill the reserve water tank during such outages, so put the emergency water restrictions into place (spare water is always kept in the 5-gallon buckets for the flushing of toilets during such an outage, so set those in the respective restrooms as you prepare those rooms with emergency lighting

If people begin to gather in the main building, there are extra plastic chairs stacked in the utility room. These can be placed in the laundry room, and even in the store if needed. Allow pet owners to spread out so one pet isn’t adding more tension to another pet.

If all employees must leave the store at any time when there are customers taking refuge inside, remove the key to the cash register and carry the key in your pocket.

When the storm passes, retrace all steps to put everything back in its place.

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5 thoughts on “More About Emergencies And Your Business

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  2. A very thorough Storm check list, Mary. We have one in place (thank goodness) but I like that you set it out in a form that anyone can implement it. I don’t have regular employees but workampers assist us and their attitude during an emergency is so important.

    • Thank you, Teri! I, too, had seasonal help, and sometimes younger help. It was important for everyone to “put on the front of being calm.”

      One season I had one employee who was dreadfully fearful of storms, so I always permitted that person to leave early enough to get home before dangerous conditions began. I still believe that was a worthwhile move for all involved.

  3. I neglected to say that the emergency plans also need to be reviewed on a regular basis and updated as needed. You may surprise yourself to see what little tweaks to the business do to such plans.

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