Social Media Audience

Those of you in business management wear many hats, but we need to keep a specific audience in mind when we’re managing social media content.

You may know I used to own and operate an overnight camping facility. Those who ‘liked’ my RV park on its social media sites were campers, other businesses in the area, state and national tourism affiliations, media connections, as well as my own family and friends, to name a few broad categories. Regardless of my readership, when I wrote a post it had to be geared toward the true target audience: campers.

The other ‘likers’ were connected to my page for their own enjoyment or benefit. State and national tourism affiliations would sometimes share my posts to their audiences. Media connections used my business as a resource for their articles. I wasn’t there to tell my family and friends a story. The site was there for campers, and the posts were directed toward only that audience.

I had other sites for those other conversations.

Determine your audience. Write to them.

If you have multiple audiences, consider creating specific sites for each.

An association of campground owners might have a page for connecting with people who like to get outdoors, camp, hike, bike, and sightsee. This page would also, itself, like other pages related to camping, hiking, biking, sightseeing, and so forth. In other words, this is the site for the customer side of life, serving the customer better.

The same association might have another site where it connects with park owners in regard to sharing about an upcoming webinar or meeting, dues renewal, new products for the campground, etc. This page would ‘like’ other pages relating to tourism, governmental agencies, media, the outdoor hospitality industry, and anybody connected to the business behind the business. In other words, this is the site for the professional side of life, creating a better professional business owner.

Let’s go back to a comment I made a minute ago, “I had other sites for those conversations.” Here’s how I created my Facebook sites:

  • My personal page was primarily the professional person. I rarely mentioned anything I wouldn’t otherwise say to other professional colleagues.
  • My business page was the customer site. The campers were the audience.
  • Another personal page, with its own login and name, was for my close family and friends place. I won’t tell you what I posted here! (chuckle chuckle)

In managing your social media content, determine your audience and write to them.


Thank you for sharing your time with me! Please feel free to leave comments, or share or ‘like’ this with your connections.

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