Preparation for Selling a Campground or RV Park (or many other businesses)

Books can be written on this topic, and they have, so this isn’t being written to become your be-all end-all, but instead will just add to your considerations and brainstorms. When it comes to how you deal with buying or selling an RV park, no 2 successful sales are alike. Each one depends on a multitude of factors. (So as you read my blog, keep in mind that your situation may or may not include all I’m outlining, and it may include many other nuances I am not addressing here.) Continue reading

Follow-up to ‘Successful Associations Morph’

There have been a few conversation regarding my recent blog, Successful Associations Morph, specifically regarding my statement: Continue reading

Successful Associations Morph

Why should a business join an association? What could be gained by joining? These questions are as old as the hills. The answers, however, cannot be that old or the association would be extinct by now. Continue reading

Social Media Content For Businesses

Who is your audience? On your business’s Facebook page (and Twitter or any other place you post socially for your business), focus on your audience and speak directly to them. Make your material relevant and of interest to them. Visit with them. Laugh (or at least chuckle) with them. Talk with them.

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