“Managing The Business Side of Life” – ARVC Voice

Occasionally, I write articles for other publications. The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) published this one in preparation of the annual conference, at which my co-presenter, Mike Molino CAE, and I will host two seminars:  The Art of Delegating and Project Management. Continue reading

Client Project Make The News

Occasionally, my clients discuss our work efforts for articles in their industry trade publications. Click here to read one such article, and then you’ll need to flip pages until you see us on pages 16 and 17.

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Don’t Overlook Offline Marketing

Online marketing is the rage, the place to be, and the thing to read about when trying to find ways to market your product. I believe in online marketing. It has proven itself repeatedly to me. And I believe in offline marketing, as well.

I use that phrase to contrast between digital / electronic tools and those of the tried-and-true tools of pre-internet days. Yes, they still exist (well, some of them do!).

Branding goes beyond your website, beyond your  Continue reading

Trade Shows – Expos – Booths

I don’t normally do trade shows but I made an exception for this one, hosted by the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce:  Keep It Local Business Expo. Read on to see why I don’t do them, why I did one, and whether I’ll do another. Continue reading