Honest Representation in Pictures

How do you represent what it is you’re selling? How do you explain it? Every business sells something. Even service professionals sell; they sell services. Here’s a quick list of some of the variety of ‘sales’ from my own experience in life:

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Social Media Has Its Place

You’re likely expecting a message about how best to use social media. You won’t find it here, although many of my blog posts focus on the power of social media.  Continue reading

“Buying or Selling A Campground?” – WCM

Occasionally, I write articles for other publications. Woodalls Campground Management published this one in May 2014, co-written with Rob Smith, broker and owner of Fortune Real Estate, regarding the business’s exit strategy. Continue reading

Insuring Your Business

Ahh yes, the endless list of responsibilities that fall upon the owner of a small business. I recall when I had my eyes opened to the broad spectrum of property claims and liabilities that were possible with my business. I heard of examples of utter ruin brought on by misaligninInsurance Policyg coverage, premium costs, and the actual operations of my business. Here I was, putting my entire life’s savings and my entire life’s energy into owning & operating my business, and I wasn’t about to let one split-second in time wash it all away.

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