Time and Perspective

Look around your company and think about life in this perspective:  What time zone or time warp is everybody living in? I don’t mean geographically. I’m speaking of knowing what perspective is witnessed and experienced based on job duties.

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A Father To Mimic

My father taught me firmly and lovingly that compassion, love and patience were amazing gifts. Not that I was a fast study, but he taught and he taught very well. I recall with clarity when he taught me the dangers of sarcasm. When opportunity arises, go with compassion, love, and patience!  Continue reading

Stimulate Your Audience


I love quilts, so I can usually find ways to incorporate a quilt or two into my presentations.

Props make for interesting presentations. They can add flavor and spice. They create a memory. Lively discussions work well. Attendee participation works well. Daydreamers need to be brought alive, invited, enlightened, and captivated.   Continue reading