Continuing Ed Is Vital — Stay Current!

To stay viable in the workforce, regardless of your career, you need to stay current!

DiplomaEducation doesn’t end when you graduate from high school. For those who go on to college, it doesn’t end with your associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, or even a doctoral degree. Quite simply, it doesn’t end. Ever.

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Keeping Your Business Stellar

Creating a shining experience for your guests is an ongoing task. You cannot be stellar today and then happily set the cruise control.

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In my formative years I began understanding that grades aren’t a reflection of the teacher or the student, per se, and grades don’t foretell anyone’s future path. I also began understanding that we are all important beings, and the world has room for each of us. Allow me to share a story and then explain how this relates to your business and to mine. Continue reading