Pathologist to Flower Shop Owner

When I was 20, I was asked what I would do in life if money was of no issue. I spouted out, “Be a doctor!” I was already pre-med, aiming to maybe be a pathologist. Being a doc had been my idea for many years.

Then I was drilled further. Haven’t you ever wanted to own your own business? Continue reading

Podcast Interview of Mary Arlington by RV Daily Report’s Greg Gerber

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with RV Daily Report’s Greg Gerber. Continue reading

Online Marketing On Behalf of Association Members


PREFACE:   It’s important to state that I appreciate the opportunities professional associations have given me to grow in knowledge and to hone my skills. I also appreciate the assistance they’ve provided to my business. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without professional associations.

Associations have morphed over the years, ever seeking ways to be of assistance to their members and their industry; to be viable. Can you imagine how few would still be members if the benefits package today equaled what it was in 1912? Continue reading