Share Nicely, Folks!

Don't Infringe on CopyrightsEverything we put on the internet is immediately accessible to folks around the world, making it all too easy to download a file and then upload it as your own. Easy? Yes. But right? No! That’s called stealing!

When you see a picture that you want to use, don’t just download it and then share it or use it as your own! Continue reading

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

You are very unfair to businesses. In my 8 years of being a Facebook user I have seen business page posts go from being shown to most of their logged in followers to being shown to only about 2% – 6%.

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Website Dismay

My, my, my. I’m in shock!

This week I spent a lot of time online as I was compiling lists for three clients (different industries, different online searches, different lists). This was an intense perusal of random websites. In other words, I’m used to evaluating a single website in detail to be able to recommend enhancements that could improve the business. This time I was simply seeking particular data details.

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Brilliant Marketing Efforts

This might not look interesting to you, but I believe it’s brilliant! Stay with me so I can explain.

Pierre Players Community Theatre held an open house last night. They provided several door prizes. To enter your chance to win you had to fill in answers to a quiz, and the way you got those answers was Continue reading

Life is for Living, and Facebook is for Sharing

Does FB cost you too much time? Do you skim your entire news feed in case someone you genuinely care about made an important or entertaining post? When you’ve been forced to be offline for awhile, trying to catch up can be overwhelming. Do you then try to think of each ‘vital’ friend so you can go to their wall to see what they’ve been saying?


LIFE is for LIVING, and FB is just for SHARING life. And FB makes it easy for us to keep up while we’re busy living life. Continue reading

Grow Your Self and Your Business

This blog is article I wrote for Woodalls Campground Management under the title “Resources for Helping You Grow Your Self and Your Business” (SEE IMAGE BELOW). It’s in the August 2015 edition, on page 23.

By Mary Arlington: Consultant, Speaker, and Executive Director. Having sold her RV park, Mary Arlington now works to help other small businesses. Find her online at


To run your business every day at peak performance, to score a perfect 10 every day in all areas of operations and customer service, ahh perfection!

Perfection is virtually impossible. Rather than perfection, when I had my RV park Continue reading