An Honor Earned By Many

State Leadership Award

2017 State Leadership Award presented by the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds

In light of the community within the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds honoring me with the 2017 State Leadership Award, I’m thanking all of the members of the state associations in which I have the role of Executive Director. They gave me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

You may not know that I didn’t seek these positions. In recent years (and in one case, weeks),

I was brought aboard in the midst of challenging times in the respective associations. Most members aren’t familiar with the story of how things were back when I was approached, but it’s safe to say that “we’ve come a long way, baby!

The directors, officers and I, along with some enthusiastic members, were tasked with some enormous projects (on top of their campground duties and my duties with my other clients). The members have some truly wonderful leaders, and most members aren’t even aware that their own efforts led to this better state of the each association.

So, at the national conference, when ARVC began to announce the next award, and the words “State Leadership Award appeared on the screen, my mind began racing: “I don’t recall the memo asking for nominations of my state leaders! Why hadn’t I seen it? I work with some fine people who ought to have been nominated! How did I overlook that memo?”

My mind wasn’t on the speaker; I was focused on how I’d dropped the ball in nominating one of my many state leaders!

When I realized it was me who was receiving the honor, well, my jaw fell and my eyes rolled out of my head, … and I believe they’re all still back there in Raleigh.

What an honor! Yet I wouldn’t be looking at this award in my office had it not been for the teams I have the honor of leading. Through some really challenging times, and with enormous effort, we worked to get the associations where they are today … so I was presented with this honor that was earned by the team!

I believe that each association is seeing some significant things right now, and it’s carrying them into 2018, and I believe it will grow and be enjoyed well into other years. That’s the goal of the each team!

And why do we do this? For campground owners! Each association was created by campground owners for campground owners. We connect with the entire industry. We bring folks together. This office of theirs is a storage of information. We have bridges to the answers through:

  • The outdoor hospitality industry
  • The state tourism office
  • The respective tourism associations in each state
  • Those who make products and services available to campground owners
  • Those who make products and services that your guests might need
  • All for the state’s finest campground owners!

It’s an honor to serve these campground owners, and I’m extremely excited that what we’ve been doing caught the eye of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, without whom each campground owner and each association would truly struggle and suffer! If you don’t know what ARVC does, just ask me.

Thank you, ARVC staff and ARVC leadership! You caught me completely unprepared and speechless in Raleigh!