Texting Your Off-Duty Employees

image1Texting. What a grand invention! WOW, now we can text our employees anytime to get an answer, without them having to come back into the office.


This is wrong on so many levels, and yet I know too many business owners who have grown too accustomed to this handy tool. Such off-duty interruptions have created lasting negative issues. Loyalty, employee health and overall job satisfaction have suffered from this great invention.

I’m not saying to never use it, for there are times it might be vital (safety and security issues). Still, give your employees their due time off. You don’t own their life! If their position requires extra communication when off the clock, then comp them for being on call, and comp them more when their services are used when they are on call.

Some say, “I didn’t mean for them to respond right away.” Well, maybe they weren’t aware of your intention and, even if both knew, then consider this … unless they’re comp’d or the phone is paid by the employer and is required to be with them, that interruption to their off-duty time can have a profound negative impact on their life. Did you hire someone to turn them into less than full and healthy humans? Likely not.

Please … let your employees have their off-duty hours!


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