About Mary Arlington


I’m so pleased you stopped by this page to learn a bit more about me. 

I bring to you the skills, talents, knowledge, motivation, networks, connections, drive and passion to take you to rewarding levels.

 My faith motivates me. I believe we should help one another on the journey we’re each walking, so if a gift of mine (or lessons from my journey) can help you, then let’s team up and work together! Inside of me is a little light, and I’m here to let it shine! 

Prior to this chapter in life, I owned and operated an overnight camping facility in rural Kansas. When I started that chapter of life, the place was an older and poorly-rated RV park, but in time my team and I were able to turn it into an upscale facility with ratings among the top 8% of all parks in the country. 

I catered to about 10,000 people each year, helping them rejuvenate their weary selves for the next day of travel. Travelers from all over the country (and beyond) found a safe haven at my place after long hours driving RVs (well, some were in cars or on motorcycle or even bicycle!).

Over the years I have been an executive director for a non-profit organization, sat on local, regional and national boards for non-profit organizations, and participated in and chaired numerous committees.

Having sold the campground, I’m now offering my gifts from above to help you with your business. It is true; no man is an island. Too, the wheel doesn’t need to be invented again and again. What I carry within me from my business life, if it can be of assistance to you, then let’s make something of it.

Business is business. Although mine was a campground, much of it is applicable to all small businesses. I’m passionate about helping small businesses

  • Connect with their audience,
  • Link with proper industry connections,
  • Feel unity among their employees,
  • Market their products, and
  • Grow in ways pleasing to all.

The RV park and tourism industries weren’t my first areas of expertise. Earlier, I worked in software development, became a published author, and was a technical writer in the medical sector.

I earned my BA in Communications, have a strong business education, and have been communicating through the internet from its earliest days of public access. I earned the title “Lifetime Certified Park Operator” (CPO) through the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), for the amount of continuing education I received related to my career in the outdoor hospitality career. Feel free to see more about me on my LinkedIn page. 

I reside in Pierre, South Dakota, and I share my home with my cat.

Thank you for reading about me! 

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One thought on “About Mary Arlington

  1. Mary, you put a lot of thought, passion & energy into your life and your clients’ lives. I am so proud of you. We go way back and I’ve been watching you grow into the person you are today. I am so proud of you. Keep making the world a nicer place to be!

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