Professional Affiliations & Involvement Paid Off

Without a doubt, my involvement in my industries significantly improved my business. We began our involvement nearly 3 years before our purchase. Both the RV park and my role a campground owner benefited greatly, from inception of the idea to the day we sold. Continue reading

A Dream Job?

Since selling my RV park, there’s no longer a sign on the door with set hours, nor a door chime that dings when someone walks in. My RV park was open 365 days of the year. It was a grand career, but I was tethered to it. The hours I now keep as an industry management and marketing consultant are based on my schedule, not on my customers! Actually, some call this a “dream job.” Continue reading

An Honor Earned By Many

State Leadership Award

2017 State Leadership Award presented by the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds

In light of the community within the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds honoring me with the 2017 State Leadership Award, I’m thanking all of the members of the state associations in which I have the role of Executive Director. They gave me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

You may not know that I didn’t seek these positions. In recent years (and in one case, weeks),
Continue reading

Business Image Is Deeper Than Cosmetics

“Image building is the attempt to make impressions that are bigger than we are.” BMoore1This message hits a home run with me every time I do this study by Beth Moore.

When I started consulting, I struggled with the idea of people wanting me to help them improve their image. Pinpointing my struggle was a bit challenging until Moore’s study landed in my lap.   Continue reading

Are You Receiving Messages Targeted To You?

When you receive an email, especially from customers, outside companies, and professional associations, and it doesn’t directly apply to your position in the company but it applies to others, please forward the message!

If your company has a central email address for such messages, ensure that the guardian of that account knows Continue reading

Some Businesses Don’t Know They Need Help

customer serviceI had some not-so-grand restaurant service recently. It was far from the usual fine service I’ve had there in the past. I am a very forgiving restaurant patron. When things go amok, Continue reading

Using Text Messaging to Confirm Reservations

Perhaps more businesses, including campgrounds, should consider text messaging. Text14Next week I have a medical appointment, and today I received a text message reminding me of it. It requested that I respond with a “C” to confirm the appointment, or call a different number to reschedule it.

I’m impressed! This certainly saves time for the officer staff, and it allows Continue reading