I Was Approached Again

SD LogoChange is in the air in South Dakota. As for me, it’s an honor to have been asked to be a part of that change!

Yes, I’m now managing yet another association of campground owner. Continue reading


Reflection, Hope, and Resolutions for 2017

2016 lived up to my expectations of being an insanely busy year, yet productive toward analyzing and building solid business foundations for my clients. While the foundations solidify, 2017 is set to be filled with opportunities. With solid foundations and grand opportunities, the future looks bright … with resolutions in place!
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2016 … What An Off-Line Ride! Seriously.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of off-line time this year and it has nothing to do with being on vacation. On the contrary! I’ve devoted more hours to my clients this year than any other year. It rivals my career as an RV park owner. But this is better! Continue reading

Business Image Is Deeper Than Cosmetics

“Image building is the attempt to make impressions that are bigger than we are.” BMoore1This message hits a home run with me every time I do this study by Beth Moore.

When I started consulting, I struggled with the idea of people wanting me to help them improve their image. Pinpointing my struggle was a bit challenging until Moore’s study landed in my lap.   Continue reading

Are You Receiving Messages Targeted To You?

When you receive an email, especially from customers, outside companies, and professional associations, and it doesn’t directly apply to your position in the company but it applies to others, please forward the message!

If your company has a central email address for such messages, ensure that the guardian of that account knows Continue reading



I can attest to the fact that when the picture in the upper left was taken there wasn’t one seed of evidence that my future would be as it was!


The title sounds too obvious, but what I hope you will see is that the entire path is what you should be aware of because all that you encounter on your path is leading you toward your future, which might be a future you hadn’t expected.

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