Traits of a Teachable Person

When you hunger to improve, gain, or grow, you carry a characteristic of a learner. A hungry mind is a characteristic or qualification of someone who is teachable.

When you see dissatisfaction with the present conditions or the present path, you carry a characteristic of a learner:  Awareness.    Continue reading

Social Media Content For Businesses

Who is your audience? On your business’s Facebook page (and Twitter or any other place you post socially for your business), focus on your audience and speak directly to them. Make your material relevant and of interest to them. Visit with them. Laugh (or at least chuckle) with them. Talk with them.

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Social Media Audience

Those of you in business management wear many hats, but we need to keep a specific audience in mind when we’re managing social media content. Continue reading

Social Media Relationships

I have had the honor and privilege of writing articles for others, and the content might be of interest to you. This one focuses on relationships in social media, written for the clients of Pelland Advertising: To read it, click here.


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Facebook for Businesses (can be applied to other social media sites, as well)

Disclaimer: One could think this article is more about “hire me to teach you,” but what I’m really wanting to convey is that there is much more to a Facebook business page than a personal page. If something in this article hasn’t yet been considered, I recommend you either research those areas or consult with a professional who can guide you onto a solid path.

Having a Facebook page for your business is an important part of marketing today, yet I see issues and weaknesses all too often when I follow businesses. I hope your business isn’t one of those that’s caused me to cringe or at least squirm a little.FBFriendFBLike

Is your page really a business page? Continue reading

The Facebook News Feed

Many of us grew up with a newspaper delivered to our doorstep at dawn every day of the week. (Some still have these, so I’ll use present tense here). In our newspaper, we can read the articles the editor selected to include in that day’s edition. Most newspapers are divided into sections: world news, local news, business, sports, entertainment, weather, classified, etc. The editor chose the content for all of it.

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