Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

You are very unfair to businesses. In my 8 years of being a Facebook user I have seen business page posts go from being shown to most of their logged in followers to being shown to only about 2% – 6%.

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Life is for Living, and Facebook is for Sharing

Does FB cost you too much time? Do you skim your entire news feed in case someone you genuinely care about made an important or entertaining post? When you’ve been forced to be offline for awhile, trying to catch up can be overwhelming. Do you then try to think of each ‘vital’ friend so you can go to their wall to see what they’ve been saying?


LIFE is for LIVING, and FB is just for SHARING life. And FB makes it easy for us to keep up while we’re busy living life. Continue reading

Consulting Has Hazards

People who hire consultants are seeking something. They feel a need to do things differently, or they have the desire to gain a different perspective.  Continue reading

Email Notifications

Receiving too many emails these days? I often hear clients complain about the enormous amount of emails they have to contend with from their other online sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Well, this is something you can control! Make your online experience both enjoyable and beneficial, rather than frustrating and overwhelming.  Continue reading

Traits of a Teachable Person

When you hunger to improve, gain, or grow, you carry a characteristic of a learner. A hungry mind is a characteristic or qualification of someone who is teachable.

When you see dissatisfaction with the present conditions or the present path, you carry a characteristic of a learner:  Awareness.    Continue reading

Don’t Overlook Offline Marketing

Online marketing is the rage, the place to be, and the thing to read about when trying to find ways to market your product. I believe in online marketing. It has proven itself repeatedly to me. And I believe in offline marketing, as well.

I use that phrase to contrast between digital / electronic tools and those of the tried-and-true tools of pre-internet days. Yes, they still exist (well, some of them do!).

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