A Dream Job?

Since selling my RV park, there’s no longer a sign on the door with set hours, nor a door chime that dings when someone walks in. My RV park was open 365 days of the year. It was a grand career, but I was tethered to it. The hours I now keep as an industry management and marketing consultant are based on my schedule, not on my customers! Actually, some call this a “dream job.” Continue reading

Evaluating the Value of Your Business

ValueMy career now has me more focused on associations than individual businesses so when someone who wants to sell their business asks me how to set their asking price, or maybe whether an offer should be accepted, I defer to appraisers and brokers and to other industry consultants. Still, for the duration of that call, I listen so I can maybe offer various perspectives for them to consider. After all, Continue reading

Associations are for Building Up, Not Tearing Down

ladder_shutterstock_151567130During my 19 years in the outdoor hospitality industry, I’ve experienced and witnessed countless examples of goodwill, kindness, generosity, compassion and support. Sadly, I’ve also witnessed harsh words of judgment when someone Continue reading

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

You are very unfair to businesses. In my 8 years of being a Facebook user I have seen business page posts go from being shown to most of their logged in followers to being shown to only about 2% – 6%.

Continue reading

Website Dismay

My, my, my. I’m in shock!

This week I spent a lot of time online as I was compiling lists for three clients (different industries, different online searches, different lists). This was an intense perusal of random websites. In other words, I’m used to evaluating a single website in detail to be able to recommend enhancements that could improve the business. This time I was simply seeking particular data details.

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Pathologist to Flower Shop Owner

When I was 20, I was asked what I would do in life if money was of no issue. I spouted out, “Be a doctor!” I was already pre-med, aiming to maybe be a pathologist. Being a doc had been my idea for many years.

Then I was drilled further. Haven’t you ever wanted to own your own business? Continue reading