Online Marketing On Behalf of Association Members


PREFACE:   It’s important to state that I appreciate the opportunities professional associations have given me to grow in knowledge and to hone my skills. I also appreciate the assistance they’ve provided to my business. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without professional associations.

Associations have morphed over the years, ever seeking ways to be of assistance to their members and their industry; to be viable. Can you imagine how few would still be members if the benefits package today equaled what it was in 1912? Continue reading

Don’t Overlook Offline Marketing

Online marketing is the rage, the place to be, and the thing to read about when trying to find ways to market your product. I believe in online marketing. It has proven itself repeatedly to me. And I believe in offline marketing, as well.

I use that phrase to contrast between digital / electronic tools and those of the tried-and-true tools of pre-internet days. Yes, they still exist (well, some of them do!).

Branding goes beyond your website, beyond your  Continue reading