Professional Affiliations & Involvement Paid Off

Without a doubt, my involvement in my industries significantly improved my business. We began our involvement nearly 3 years before our purchase. Both the RV park and my role a campground owner benefited greatly, from inception of the idea to the day we sold. Continue reading

Grow Your Self and Your Business

This blog is article I wrote for Woodalls Campground Management under the title “Resources for Helping You Grow Your Self and Your Business” (SEE IMAGE BELOW). It’s in the August 2015 edition, on page 23.

By Mary Arlington: Consultant, Speaker, and Executive Director. Having sold her RV park, Mary Arlington now works to help other small businesses. Find her online at


To run your business every day at peak performance, to score a perfect 10 every day in all areas of operations and customer service, ahh perfection!

Perfection is virtually impossible. Rather than perfection, when I had my RV park Continue reading

Podcast Interview of Mary Arlington by RV Daily Report’s Greg Gerber

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with RV Daily Report’s Greg Gerber. Continue reading

Online Marketing On Behalf of Association Members


PREFACE:   It’s important to state that I appreciate the opportunities professional associations have given me to grow in knowledge and to hone my skills. I also appreciate the assistance they’ve provided to my business. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without professional associations.

Associations have morphed over the years, ever seeking ways to be of assistance to their members and their industry; to be viable. Can you imagine how few would still be members if the benefits package today equaled what it was in 1912? Continue reading

Time and Perspective

Look around your company and think about life in this perspective:  What time zone or time warp is everybody living in? I don’t mean geographically. I’m speaking of knowing what perspective is witnessed and experienced based on job duties.

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Social Media Has Its Place

You’re likely expecting a message about how best to use social media. You won’t find it here, although many of my blog posts focus on the power of social media.  Continue reading

Client Project Make The News

Occasionally, my clients discuss our work efforts for articles in their industry trade publications. Click here to read one such article, and then you’ll need to flip pages until you see us on pages 16 and 17.

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Geocache Series Blog 3: How Do I Establish A Geocache?

This is the third in a series of three blogs about establishing a geocache for your business. It’s my hope to keep this simple enough that anyone can accomplish the task.The first explain what is a geocache, the second talks of why you should have one, and this final blog is about creating a simple geocache.   Continue reading

Geocache Series Blog 2: Should You Have A Geocache?

This is the second in a series of three blogs about establishing a geocache for your business. It’s my hope to keep this simple enough that anyone can accomplish the task. The first blog explains what is a geocache. This one tells why you should have one. Then I’ll explain how to create one.

As you’ve learned there are millions of geocaches in the world, and millions of geo-cachers. Continue reading

Geocache Series Bonus Blog

I’m adding this “Bonus Blog” to the geocache series (click here to see the entire series). It isn’t going to help you create your geocache, but I hope to broaden your awareness of the possibilities! Continue reading

From The Guest’s Side – Laundry Room Services

Occasionally, I write articles for other publications. This link takes you to an article I wrote for the July 2013 edition of Woodalls Campground Management. Although it’s geared to those who own or manage RV parks (as I did in my last chapter in life), the gist behind it is applicable to many businesses. The customer / client / guest / is the reason you’re in business so be sure to meet their needs!

This one specifically addresses customer service in the laundry room services area of a lodging facility. Continue reading