Evaluating the Value of Your Business

ValueMy career now has me more focused on associations than individual businesses so when someone who wants to sell their business asks me how to set their asking price, or maybe whether an offer should be accepted, I defer to appraisers and brokers and to other industry consultants. Still, for the duration of that call, I listen so I can maybe offer various perspectives for them to consider. After all, Continue reading

“Buying or Selling A Campground?” – WCM

Occasionally, I write articles for other publications. Woodalls Campground Management published this one in May 2014, co-written with Rob Smith, broker and owner of Fortune Real Estate, regarding the business’s exit strategy. Continue reading

Preparation for Selling a Campground or RV Park (or many other businesses)

Books can be written on this topic, and they have, so this isn’t being written to become your be-all end-all, but instead will just add to your considerations and brainstorms. When it comes to how you deal with buying or selling an RV park, no 2 successful sales are alike. Each one depends on a multitude of factors. (So as you read my blog, keep in mind that your situation may or may not include all I’m outlining, and it may include many other nuances I am not addressing here.) Continue reading