Email Notifications

Receiving too many emails these days? I often hear clients complain about the enormous amount of emails they have to contend with from their other online sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Well, this is something you can control! Make your online experience both enjoyable and beneficial, rather than frustrating and overwhelming.  Continue reading

Your Profile Picture Says …

Does your profile picture represent you the way you want it to? The easiest way to get my point across would be to use samples, but I don’t want to insult anyone. I could create many samples using myself as the model, but I’d hate to see those pictures be misused! So let’s just use some imagination. Continue reading

How Current Is Your Website?

Some business owners speak of how exasperating it is to have a website. Regardless of whether they make it themselves or hire a web designer, the process can be intense, overwhelming, tedious, costly, complicated, and even frustrating. Then its published and it begins bringing in customers, but guess what? The work doesn’t end when it’s published. It requires updating! I’m not talking search engine optimization, although SEO enjoys seeing activity on websites. No. In this blog I’m talking about customer service. Continue reading

Change – Reactive or Proactive

One of life’s greatest joys and, simultaneously greatest stress inducers, is change. Oh, how we get excited over a new job, a new home, a new child, a new anything! But then reality hits, and we begin to realize changes have to be made. Change? A new routine. A new financial situation. A new responsibility. Oh dear! Hello stress!

How about change in the business world? Our clients are ever-changing, demanding Continue reading

Social Media Content For Businesses

Who is your audience? On your business’s Facebook page (and Twitter or any other place you post socially for your business), focus on your audience and speak directly to them. Make your material relevant and of interest to them. Visit with them. Laugh (or at least chuckle) with them. Talk with them.

Continue reading

Social Media Audience

Those of you in business management wear many hats, but we need to keep a specific audience in mind when we’re managing social media content. Continue reading

Did Your Cheese Move … Again?

Did Your Cheese Move … Again?
By Mary Arlington, Certified Park Operator

(Preface: I wrote this article and gave permission for it to be incorporated into a 2009 edition of a newsletter for the Kansas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. I’m now adding it to my own blog because it is still relevant 5 years later.)

Over the past decade there have been many references to cheese in business talk. Those who read “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, know all about the mice Hem and Haw and how they dealt with the cheese being moved. For the rest of you, “cheese” is a metaphor. Life changes. It changes all the time. Just when we get used to things the way they are, they aren’t anymore. The book makes everyone think
about how they react to change.

How do you react to change? Do you …

• Welcome it warmly and excitedly?
• Listen intently, wondering just how this might impact the way you do things?
• Tune it out, ignore it and hope it goes away? Maybe even deny it happened?
• Say, “don’t mess with things that aren’t broken”?
• Get angry? Continue reading